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Speed_up Any windows operating System

Speed_up Any windows operating System

When we update or install a new windows operating system, On that time operating system working with good speed and performance. But after few days speed getting low sometimes process get stuck. Like when you click only to open a drive, the operating system take too much time to open that. This is the basic problems that occur in windows. We also clean there temporary file but no improvement in speed and performance. I get more way that we can do and improve our operating system speed and performance.

So follow the steps one by one .

  1. Open Operating system drive properties (LocalDisk C)
  1. Click on Disk cleanup .
  1. Select directories and then click on cleanup now.
  1. And now again select widows files , windows update and DirectX chache.
  1. Click on cleanup and then it ask for permanently delete.
  2. Click on yes and all chache and windows update will clear.

Now your processor is free from other services . And you have space in ram to hold new processes.

Or you can clean your some temporary  files which are not useable ,

  1. Press Windows key + r and there open a run windows  .
  1. Enter “ temp     %temp%   prefetch “ one by one and open that windows .
  2. Now select all files and press “ Shift +  Delete “
  3. Permanently deleting temporary files.
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