Python Installing On Linux Server

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January 24, 2020
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January 24, 2020
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Python Installing On Linux Server

ON Linux server they provide Python 2.7 version by default . But This version is very older. And when developer write code in latest python like python 3.7 that code doesn’t work on python 2.7 . Python version are different in there nature . And Developer first choice is also for python 3 .Python is easy language ,easy to understand . Now  what happening when we installing python 3 on linux server there are lot of dependency to install on server then python will work . So Lets start one by one .

Note:- I am showing commands for centos system so you can command check  for other linux (apt-get ).

  1. Install first group for development.

yum -y groupinstall development

  1. Now Install library

yum -y install zlib-devel

  1. Debian we will need to install gcc, make, and the zlib compression / decompression library.

aptitude -y install gcc make zlib1g-dev

  1. Now execute one by one command


tar xJf Python-3.6.3.tar.xz

cd Python-3.6.3



make install

  1. to verify the location of the main binary

which python3

                          python3 –V

Install Python IDLE in Linux

  1. Python IDLEis a GUI-based tool for Python. If you wish to install the Python IDLE, grab the package named idle (Debian) or python-tools (CentOS).

                               apt-get install idle       [On Debian]

                              yum install python-tools   [On CentOS]

Type the following command to start the Python IDLE.


Most-Important *:- Sometime linux server need some dependency on there end so check first then install .

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