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IP Address:-
An IP address is a 32-bit decimal number that normally written as four numbers between 1 and 255 (8bits, or 1 byte) each separated from the order by a decimal point. This is known as the dotes-decimal notation.

An example of a typical IP address is Which can be broken down as follows:

202 represents the first 8bits.

34 represents the second 8bits.

13 represents the third 8bits.

23 represents the fourth 8bits.

There are countless IP addresses in use in today’s wired age. As you will discover while reading this, each individual IP address can reveal a lot of secrets about the network of which it is a part. Before you delve into that, however, you must understand that all IP addresses are divided into a number of ranges or classes.

That is:

Class-A to

Class B to

Class-C to

Class-D to

Class-E to

Now, you can easily determine the class of a particular IP address by simply comparing the numeral before the first decimal. For Example, take the IP address Because the number before the first decimal is 203, you know that the IP address belongs to the class C range of IP addresses.

IP addresses are divided into different classes on the basis of the structure of the network they represent or, in another word, on the basis of what the various number separated by decimal points actually stand for.

How do you find the IP address of your own system?
follow these steps:::::::::::::

  1. Connect to internet
  2. Launch MS-Dos.
  3. Type nststat –n at the prompt

Or you cal also check your internet accessing IP on the internet,

“Just open google search and type WHAT IS MY IPV4”  it will show your internet accessing IP.

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