Basic Of Networking
January 24, 2020
Basic Of Networking -3
January 24, 2020
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Basic Of Networking -2

For understanding the networking we have to need know many of things which helps us on further.

WAN Use devices :-
1. Router
2. Technology
3. Physical Media

Technology : –
Technology that help to use internet
(i) Telephone (Base of Internet)
(i) Lease Line (Speed , Secure ,Costly)
(ii) ISDN (Dialup Connection, speed 1.44 6m)
(ii) Microwave

LAN + CAN +MAN+WAN = Internet

Physical Media:-
These are the way which use to create or communicate a network . And it is also called Reliable media.
1. STP
2. UTP

TP is a 8 wire cable in four pair
Colour of cables are :-
I. Green
II. White Green
III. Orange
IV. White Orange
V. Blue
VI. White Blue
VII. Brown
VIII. White Brown

The White Colour means that the cable consist of two colour lining on it eg white Green it consist one line of white colour and second on colour Green on it

We Can create Three type of cables by using Pair

1. Straight Cable
2. Cross Cable
3. Roll-over Cable

The Straight and cross Cable are used for communication .And Roll-over cable used for configuration.
We use straight cable for communication between two different devices and Also for internet access on Device.
These three of cable are fixed on RJ45 ,

We Use Two Standard For Cabling:
1. 568A Standard
Consist order:-
White Green
White Orange
White Blue
White Brown

2. 568B Standard
Consist order:-

White Orange
White Green
White Blue
White Brown

“When 568A Cabling On Both end of cable then this cable is Straight cable”

“When 568A Cabling On one end and 568B on second end of cable then this cable is Cross cable”

“When 568A Cabling On Both end but on second end it is opposite means A865 cable then this cable is Straight cable (on One end 12345678 on second end 87654321 )”
1. TP.
2. Connector (RJ45).
3. Clumping Tool.
4. LAN Tester.

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